My husband-to-be left me at the altar and travelled out of the country – Musician OV

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Being disappointed in a relationship is very quite normal, but the most horrific kind of betrayal anybody can endure is being abandoned at the altar on their wedding day.

That was the plight of Ghanaian musician, Barbara Naa Okailey Nyarko, popularly known as OV, who has opened up on how one of her past relationships ended. She was abandoned at the altar by her husband-to-be.

In a candid conversation on Accra-based Angel FM, OV unveiled the harrowing experience that saw her engagement come to an abrupt and shocking end.

The Ghanaian musician, known for her talent and vibrant presence, revealed that her fiancé ended their relationship and called off their wedding on the very day they were slated to exchange their vows.

With a solemn tone, OV recounted the poignant moment, saying, “I was about to get married, but I was stood up. I was in my wedding gown, my make-up and hair were done, and my family was waiting at my godfather’s house, which was the venue.”

Although OV did not provide specifics about the year of this heartbreak, she described the heart-rending breakup as occurring through a text message.

The abrupt ending of her relationship in such a manner speaks to the unexpected twists that real-life narratives can take.

The aftermath of this painful experience was one of hurt and disappointment, yet OV displayed remarkable resilience.

She acknowledged the difficulty of the situation but shared that time has allowed her to heal and move forward.

“I suddenly received a text from him telling me that he couldn’t marry me anymore and was travelling abroad, but I think he had already left. I was hurt and disappointed, but I’ve moved on since then,” OV expressed with a mix of strength and vulnerability.

When asked whether there might be a chance for reconciliation with her former lover, OV’s response was laced with a touch of humor and defiance.

“We may get married and do everything alright, but I will ‘mafia’ him,” she retorted.

Source: 3news.com

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