Medikal says he hasn’t seen Sister Debbie since they broke up

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Medikal and Sister Debbie were once upon a time the country’s favourite lovers as the two made their love a giving vibe but both have since three years ago moved their separate ways and we’re happy for them both as both have seemingly moved on happily with their lives.

Medikal who is of course now married to Ghanaian actress and businesswoman Fella Makafui during an interview with Abeiku Santana stated; “Because we were both in the limelight, Medikal was a rapper; she was also an actress and a singer, so people were paying attention to the things we were doing. I think we helped each other. She used to do songs that I helped her write. She also gave me ideas when I was writing my songs. Of course, she helped me”

Medikal would then go on to state their paths have never crossed since their famous breakup and further reveal they have nothing against each other  “Our path has never closed since we broke up. No, I guess she doesn’t go where I hang out. I don’t have anything against her and I believe she feels the same.”

Medikal is now married to Fella Makafui and the couple are proud parents of their two-year-old daughter, Island Frimpong whilst Sister Debby has been living a very fine life with her new-found lover who was also at a point rumoured to be commercial sex worker’s, Queen Latifa, baby daddy to which Sister Derby would attack the lady as a cheap liar in search of publicity.

Medikal just released his newest single which he titles ‘Ronaldo’ after the football legend and has been busy promoting the song. Let us know what you make of Medikal’s claim of not having seen Sister Debbie since the two broke up via our comment box.


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