Jackline Mensah comes out with a Baby Bump!

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Jackline Mensah, the Ghanaian TikTok has suddenly surfaced online after going into a somewhat comatose with a baby bump! Yes, she is pregnant.

Jackline Mensah is today undoubtedly one of TikTok’s biggest stars in the country with a very large following she has been able to make for herself through the content she posts on her page which is largely comedy. She became the first Ghanaian to be verified on the popular Tiktok app in September 2021.

Jackline Mensah is usually in the news for all the right reasons but that was not the case the last time as she sparked an online war over her wrongly-portrayed ‘I won’t date a trotro person’ to which she came out with a public statement.  She has managed to attain more stardom not only through her contents on TikTok but then her acting talents as well as she made her major film debut in the Yvonne Nelson-directed romance ‘The Man We Love’ and ‘FiftyFifty’ which was released in 2022.

Jackline Mensah has surfaced online out of the blue as she has been offline for some time, enough time to make her fans anxious over her whereabouts and perhaps this could be why she had to come out to settle their fears. And what a return she has made with a not-so-much-heavy baby bump which will surely get her fans wondering ‘who is the lucky baby dad?’ as she appeared to be dancing alongside some two other ladies. She would then proceed to a live Question & Answer session during which a fan asked her if she was pregnant to which she only smiled without saying anything.


We are happy for Jackline Mensah if it is what it is, you could drop a congratulation to her via the comment box, this has been your errand boy with words as feet!

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