Let the players watch Ghana’s 2010 match against Uruguay; Habiba Sinare begs Otto Addo

Ghanaian actress, Habiba Sinare, has petitioned the Black Stars coach, Otto Addo, to make sure that the current players watch Ghana’s 2010 game against Uruguay again.

Otto Addo, Stephan Appiah and Habiba Sinare

According to the passionate football fanatic, the current crop of players for the National foot team must rewatch the match from now till Friday, in order to understand that it is a revenge.

Dear Uncle Otto Addo, Please how are you doing today? I come in peace. First of all, I will like to say Ayekoo for the great work done so far. I beg you I have one request to make; can you make our players watch the 2010 quarterfinals match against Uruguay from now till Friday afternoon?” Habiba wrote on Instagram.

She continued that “I beg you!! You see the part where the players and Ghanaians were all crying nu, please put those funeral sad songs under the videos so they watch it. Uhuuuhh kindly add one of Grandpa Atta’s tribute songs to it. Especially the part where uncle Asamoah was about to take the penalty, increase the volume to like 99.

That video needs to enter their blood, bodies, organs, and souls. Uncle Otto, you see all that we did to our legend; uncle Asamoah on the internet (I was not part😩) please show it to them!”, she added.

According to the actress, “Our men need to understand that, Friday’s match is not just any match, it is not the normal FIFA dien dien. IT IS A REVENGE AFFAIR!!

They need to understand that we are scattering that country with goals and that is our only option.Uncle Otto if you want kraa, we will help you download everything so that you don’t stress yourself”.

The ‘Kadara’ producer suggests the the players should be made to pay the taxes for all Ghanaians should they lose the match.

However, if our boys do otherwise on Friday(may God forbid 100 x), please you see that national Budget that was read last week; they will contribute and pay so our taxes will rest for a year. Because they have no right to stress their fellow Ghanaians. We don suffer tayaa!!!,” she wrote.

Uncle Atto, in conclusion we pray the Almighty Allah bless you with more wisdom to plan for victory! And victory it will be!! In Shaa Allah,” she concluded in the post below.

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