‘I used not to eat gob3 but the economy has forced me to enjoy it now’ – Fameye

Fameye has proudly joined the Gob3 eaters association of Ghana against his will.

According to the award-winning Ghanaian musician, he doesn’t enjoy eating gari and beans but the economic situation in Ghana has forced him to start eating the local dish popularly known as ‘gob3’.

I didn’t like ‘gob3’ but the state of the economy has now made me join the ‘gob3’ eaters’ association in Ghana,” Fameye said whilst speaking on Luv FM.

Gob3(Gari and beans)

Sharing his thoughts on the increasing hardship in Ghana, the ‘Nothing I Get’ singer said “now the prices of rice and even ‘gob3’ are ever-increasing which is why I added all of these in my song to tell my people to believe in God that he has done it already and it shall be well although things are hard in the country“.

According to Fameye who is out with a new song titled ‘Pressure’, Ghana appears to be adversely affected by the global economic challenges and he is praying that the government would work to solve the hardships Ghanaians are experiencing.

Fameye’s move to join the beans family comes after former president, H.E John Dramani Mahama, lauded the ‘Gob3 Eaters Association’ for being the backbone of the struggling Ghanaian economy.

“Let us consciulsy eat more of our local food like yam, local grains like maize, rice, our local rice, casava, beans, gob3,” John Mahama said at a forum to address the Ghanaian economy and its challenges.

In the video below, he continued that “those of you of the gob3 eaters association, you are doing very well for Ghana because you are saving Ghana very important critical foreign exchange”.

According to the NDC presidential candidate for the 2020 elections, eating local food reduces demand for foreign currency.

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