Ladies used to buy from my mom’s shop so I could sing to them – Camidoh

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Camidoh whose full name is Raphael Kofi Attachie has waded into the Ghana and Nigeria music industry debate with the artiste of the view Nigerians have the superior due to the level of investment which includes budgets that go into their music projects.

Here’s what Camidoh had to say “In Nigeria, you pay like U.S $30,000 standard U.S $40,000. If you want to be like them, you have to think of a U.S. $50,000 budget for your release. You can’t release a music video in Nigeria and think that you’re going to spend GHC 12,000. Your music won’t do anything, it’s about putting in, that’s how you make it back”

Camidoh also revealed he used to sing whilst in his mother’s shop to attract female customers since they loved hearing him sing “I used to help my mom sell and I was loving it. I used to sing and girls loved the music, so they used to come and buy more so that they could get the chance to listen to me and look directly into my eyes” His mother was a headmistress at Ola Girls Senior High school at the time and had a shop where she sold drinks and snacks.

Camidoh is today one of the country’s finest music talents who has been doing very well for himself with what is becoming a tall catalogue of hit songs and shares a very good working relationship with his manager, George Britton who recently got married to media personality Nana Adwoa Sarkodie Mensah.

Camidoh recently dropped his Album ‘A Lifetime is not enough’ and the reception for the album has been great thus far and you should stream it if you haven’t already done so.


Let us know what you make of Camidoh’s view on the Ghana-Nigeria comparison in our comment box, this has been your errands boy with words as feet!





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