Akuapem Poloo – I had to sleep with married men for survival

Auapem Poloo, actress and one of the controversial names in the industry has again shaken up the internet with her revelation of sleeping with married men for survival during an interview with BRYT TV.

Akuapem Poloo had this to say “I’ve been through a lot, I had to sleep with people’s husbands which I never wanted to do but I had to do. Because they are the ones who can help me.

She further went ahead to state “When my baby was six months old, my mother took him and told me to go back to Accra to continue with my life. So I came bac and started working as a sales person, actress, featured in music videos and a whole lot. Just imagine leaving my six-months old baby, it was hectic.”

Akuapem Poloo also revealed how she was cursed by certain women after finding out she was going out with their spouses “ I’ve gone through a lot to the extent that women I dated their husbands had to curse me. But after I became enlightened and met my new man, I stopped that”

Akuapem Poloo to many just confirmed what seems to be a thing of old in the country where young and desperate girls who want to do better in life have to sleep with married men in getting greener pastures. The country has been hot with discussions on infidel behaviours from married couples after a ‘sugar daddy’ was sued by his ‘side chiq’ for refusing to honour the terms of their relationship which had been the whole premise of their relationship.


What can be done in reducing an issue that has become a National canker, we would like you to share your opinion and thoughts with us via our comment session. This has been your errand boy with words as feet!

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