Kuami Eugene reveals fighting over a lady

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Multiple award-winning Ghanaian Hiplife singer Kuami Eugene revealed what it was like for him the first time he took alcohol

In the new interview, Kuami Eugene revealed “Richie took me to the club, I hadn’t been to the club before. The first time I tasted alcohol was with Richie. He mixed it and said, try it, it will be nice. No I go to the club by myself”

Meanwhile Kuami Eugene also talked about an incident involving a lady he admired “I had someone that I admired and we were in the club and someone (man) was dancing with her. It was calm, I mean it was a club so it was alright. Then it got to the level where I couldn’t help it. Now he wanted to touch her. The audacity, I was so charged like they put gas in me and I was like Boss, you shouldn’t touch her”

The ‘Dollars on you’ hitmaker further revealed “He got so far and the girl had to push him and it got heated. That was when I had the Fadama boy in me.. I moved to him and we started, they had to walk me out. They spoke to me and advised me that I shouldn’t start the argument when I walk back into the club but I had to walk out because it was heated.. I wasn’t this big, people will take out cameras to capture the scene. I wanted to hit back, that is how far I’ve gone for a woman”

Meanwhile, he also revealed he was currently not dating “I am not dating right now, I know dating me will be very difficult. You should have a tough skin to date me”

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