Baba Sadiq encourages Government to pay more attention to Creative industry

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Baba Sadiq, Entertainment Mogul and NDC Parliamentary candidate for Okaikoi central has voiced his belief in the entertainment industry contributing significantly to the country’s economy

Baba Sadiq in an interview with Adom Fm stated “If we are doing well, we will contribute more to the government. Let me give you an example; Towards the end of last year, the government said our GDP, the top three contributions to our GDP, were tourism, arts and culture”

The former boss of 3Music further added “Number three, they said we have hydrocarbon or hydroculture resources. Number three is our industry. At the time the president was talking about our industry, he mentioned that in 2025 he believes or has an intention to let the creative industry be able to churn out a five billion dollar contribution to the country”

According to Baba Sadiq, the entertainment industry is not one to be toyed with due to its huge potential “How much do we need from the IMF to arrange everything? It’s not three billion dollars. Now if the creative industry has the potential to generate five billion dollars by 2025, what does that tell you? This is an industry that cannot be toyed with. This is an industry whose arrangements need to be powered to make it good”

The entertainment mogul would conclude by adding what Job opportunities empowering the entertainment industry would bring to the economy “People don’t understand because just multimedia as a part of the creative industry employs almost 1,000 people in Kumasi and elsewhere and indirectly, I’m sure you will employ another 1,000. Who has sustainable livelihoods? Which government doesn’t want to collaborate with the private sector to create jobs for many?”

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