Komfo Kolegae bitterly sobs after his wife and son’s funeral: “It’s Not Well With My Soul, My Heart Is Bleeding.”

Following the funeral of his wife Millicent Oteng and their unborn kid, Ghanaian actor Okomfo Kolegae of Kumawood fame gave the most sorrowful statement ever.

Kolegae can be seen crying uncontrollably during the funeral in a photo he posted on his Facebook page.

He said in his message that he is still having trouble accepting his loss and asked God why it had to happen to him.

Kolegae wrote: “Today my wife Mrs Millicent Oteng and my unborn child goes to the maker and tears drops down from my eyes like an open tap. In my entire life, i have Never been traumatised like this. And the question i keep asking is God why me 😭😭… Why me 😭😭😭. Its Not well with my soul….my heart is bleeding. Hmmmmmmmm.”

Last month, the actor’s wife Millicent passed away while giving birth.

Happiness was quickly replaced with tragedy when he lost both his wife and the kid in the delivery room after they had only been married for a year.

The funeral for the deceased took place earlier today in Kumasi, and several Kumawood colleagues attended to offer their support.

The actor is going through a really terrible moment right now, and one can only wish him strength and hope that he receives some assistance from professionals to get through this challenging time.

Rest in peace, Millicent Oteng, and the unborn child.

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