Jupitar discusses the rot in Ghana’s Music Industry

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Jupitar, the Dancehall heavyweight has weighed in on some ills in the industry and also stressed the need for all artists to be given equal support as this could help levitate our music industry to a more successful space.

Jupitar in an interview with Ghanaweb on Talkertainment revealed how he sometimes his works for awards consideration but he has often been overlooked “In our awards schemes, sometimes I submit my work and they ignore it. Where I am coming from is not last year or two years ago. There is a root to it where it started ten years ago, and you know you are doing a good job but there are a couple of people who have made up their mind that irrespective of how good you are, irrespective of how excellent you are, or whatever you are doing. No matter how good you play or do or how excellent your teamwork is, they are going to sideline you! And this sidelining is one of the major factors that is bringing down our music industry”

Jupitar would conclude by adding how several other artists wouldn’t hesitate to advocate for the same things “There are a lot of artists who can come out and say what I am saying now or advocate for what I am doing now. Honestly speaking I think it’s time and I am going to go and be a notorious advocate until this type of thing changes and when it changes, it’s going to be best for us all, the artistes, you know. It’s time that we upgrade our game and become a very successful industry in Africa and around the globe”


What do you make of the state of our music industry, kindly share your thoughts and opinions via our comment session, this has been your errand boy with words as feet!


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