I’m aiming at 20 wives, 10 side chicks and 68 kids – Ajagurajah

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Bishop Kwabena Asiamah, also known as Ajagurajah, has vowed that if his wives and kids don’t fight during his funeral, he won’t go to the tomb.

“To all the women who love me, there is room for you. As I have told you guys, the fifth wife, the tenth wife, the fifteenth wife, and the twentieth wife are reserved. To all those who want the fifth, tenth, fifteenth, and twentieth, please take your time.

“The pressure is getting intense, or else it will cause an oversight because the queue is long. Please queue properly and straighten it out for vetting. The vetting process is important to me. Marriage application,” he said.

Ajagurajah also said that he will marry women of various body shapes, skin colours and hair types.

“Yes, I, Kwabena Asiamah, am going to marry twenty and have ten girlfriends and concubines. I am going to birth sixty-eight children. If you don’t understand, go and burn the sea.

“Someone will die, and 20 is the number I am marrying. The queue is long. When I marry all these women, they will be all around me, one on my hand, my leg, and you will find some brushing my teeth and some will be fanning me, others cooking for me to eat…and I will be happy,” he added.

He further noted that he will have several concubines by his side after marrying his 20 wives.

“I will marry women with large buttocks, breasts, slim bodies, dark hair, and many other characteristics. I will have concubines and build a big house for all of them. At night, I will wonder which room I need to go to and then decide,” he stated.

In his opinion, every rich man in Ghana especially hides their many wives and children from the public, but he will not be a part of it.

He added that any wife who failed to abide by these rules would not have any property from him. He will ensure that one of his eyes is wide open to meet these demands.

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