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Award-winning Ghanaian rapper, M.anifest has urged Africans to be catalysts for the change they want to see since it’s possible.

M.anifest whose real name is Kwame Ametepee Tsikata who was speaking at Howard University in the United States of America had this to say “Africans Ghanaians, Ghanaians seem to always complain about the challenges they are facing but contribute little to solving these problems. If you move to a place with colonial agenda you will be disappointed, there’s something about living in the West. When you come back to Africa, you start to have colonial gaze, the sense of entitlement, you are always upset with everything. You have to check yourself, what have you contributed”

M.anifest would further highlight how quick the transformation has been from just a decade ago and how that in itself is an indicator that we can make things happen for ourselves “When I came to Ghana, there were a lot of younger people who went to school overseas and anytime we wished to see or have something, one of us would make it happen- from festivals, big restaurants, etc. So it has been incredible what has been built within the past decade- both culturally and physically. That’s the possibility I’m talking about”

M.anifest usually makes the news for all the right reasons and was recently featured in a BBC documentary about Ghanaian Hiplife and had this to say “Hiplife is dead because the driving force of the music is the younger people and the younger people do not identify with Hiplife.The originators of Hiplife were a bit too precious about what it should be so as new versions sonically were happening, you could hear people saying, ‘Oh, this Jama, this Azonto, is watered down, it’s not real”


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