I sometimes beg to feed my family – Xandy Kamel

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Ghanaian actress Xandy Kamel has let the lid off her struggles and ordeal she’s been through including the traumatic loss of a daughter

Speaking in an interview, Xandy Kamel disclosed “Two days after my marriage loss, my first child who had just finished writing B.EC.E and was waiting for her results, died after drowning and then I catch my husband.. hmm, it wasn’t easy”

She would go on by adding “I told my husband that since he’s the only man in my family, he should accompany me to the Police station to file a police case but my husband told me he won’t go. He also didn’t go with me to the funeral.

Do you know what I have been through and you sit on social media and write garbage about me? God will punish all of them and I pray that everybody who has either body-shamed me or insulted me or anything rubbish about me because of a failed marriage, the person should taste a little bit of the pain I am going through and know that God loves me for being alive”

Meanwhile, she also revealed she sometimes beg just to feed her family “You don’t know what I’ve been through; then you sit on social media and write garbage about me; God will punish you … I nearly took my own life. My mother looks at me and cries; she tells me that if she loses me, it is the end for her because I’m her firstborn. She had just three girls. ”When my mom and father first gave birth, my mom was a housewife. My two younger ones are in school. To date, they’re not working. Sometimes I beg to feed my family”

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