Ghanaians descend heavily on Nam1 amidst Efia Odo praise

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Nana Appiah Mensah also known as Nam1 has incurred the wrath of Ghanaians after a tweet he made involving Efia Odo

Nam1 tweeted praising Efia Odo after the latter’s appearance on UTV “Who else have noticed how @Efiaodo1 seems very Oprah Winfrey-like, on United Showbiz now on Utv based on her views and composure. Seems a perfect fit for a corporate brand ambassadorial endeavour. Kudos”

In response to the tweet from Nam1, Efia Odo would also tweet “You coming to sign this bad bitch or nah”

Nam1 would equally take up the question and respond with “With a given opportunity why not?!. Sounds smart. You’re clearly a good Ghanaian arts material, fit as a global business export, especially for the American market in all honestly. I would gladly welcome a synergy. You’re good. PLEASE DON’T STOP”

Ghanaians have however been reacting to the tweet with most visibly bitter about the Mnzgold experience with Nam1

  • Will u keep quite… u’ve not payed our monies but u have the gut to still twit as early as 12:06am.. man yɛ study wati
  • But seriously speaking ooooo Nam1 you seriously got some balls like how fit come talk thing like this way u naaaa u dey do hide and seek with menzgold costumer’s chiaaa e no be juju be that
  • You criminal, you connived with NPP and nana addo to still our money. we will hunt you down at the right time
  • I have no doubt he’s the one behind all the scam Money lending apps in Ghana stealing people’s data when they down, even when they dont apply
  • Hmmm,…. ls so sad people like this are all alive, yet innocent and kind hearts are rather in pain.
  • Masa recoil. Don’t remind people of your actions that sent them to their early graves.
  • You owe ppl you won’t pay you are there writing nonsense, in any serious country you should be in jail by now


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