I once worked as a salesgirl – Theresa Ayoade (Charterhouse CEO)

Theresa Ayoade, CEO of Charterhouse Multiple Concept Group has opened up on her struggles as a young lady before finding success.

According to Theresa Ayoade, she had to stopped schooling in the United Kingdom due to financial crises on the part of her Father who was sponsoring her education at the time and would eventually return to Ghana where she worked as a sales girl in a friend’s shop “I went to the UK to pursue my degree course in economics and my parents were sponsoring me at that time. But my father ran into a few financial challenges, which made it difficult for him to continue paying my fees or sponsoring me…I had to stop. My education was truncated. I called up a friend…he said, oh I have a shop. You can come and sit in my shop. I said okay. It’s better than sitting at home… The shop was selling lighting fittings. So I was a sales girl in Adabraka and that’s how I started my career in Ghana”

The Charterhouse CEO further added “I was the only girl in the sales team and when the opportunity came…., I was the one who was promoted to go to Luv FM as the Sales and Marketing Manager…I worked in Kumasi for about two years and I came back to Joy FM where I was promoted to Promotions Manager”

As fate would have it, After leaving Multimedia Ghana, she met her husband and the couple would together form Charterhouse in 2002, an investment which definitely marked a turning point in the Ghanaian Entertainment industry as they’ve organized dozens of shows including Vodafone Ghana Music Award (VGMA), Night of Thousand Laughs, Miss Malaika, etc.

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