I do not like going to church – Majid Michel

Actor turn Preacher Majid Michel has shocked a lot of people with the revelation he doesn’t like going to Church.

In an interview with Daybreak Hits on Hits Fm, Majid Michel stated he hated going to Church from an infant age and still doesn’t go unless he has to talk “Since I can remember when I was conscious at age six (6), I knew there was God, nobody had to tell me there was God. I just didn’t understand the teachings being taught in churches and I have hated churches all my life. In fact, I still don’t like church. I don’t remember the last time I went to church. The only reason I am there is because I am the one talking there, If I am not talking, I didn’t go to church”

The actor usually makes the news for all the right reasons and he also recently revealed his wife handles his scripts and understands his profession as an actor since she is a media person herself “I am lucky to have a partner who grew up in the film. She understands film and knows how it’s done. She knows everything there is to it. She doesn’t have a problem at all. She reads the scripts before they come out and knows whom you are going to act the role with. Choosing a partner is very important. It makes or breaks you. The partners are very important, especially the man”

He is one of the country’s finest actors with several accolades to his name and to this very day, regarded one of the country’s biggest movie exports alongside certain stars as Van Vicker, John Dumelo, Jackie Appiah, Nadia Buari and Yvonne Nelson.

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