Aisha Modi calls for celebrations of legends whilst they’re alive

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Aisha Modi, the Ghanaian socialite and music investor has eulogized Christian Atsu whilst encouraging everyone to celebrate legends whilst they are alive

Aisha Modi in an Instagram post, wrote “Too much pains. There is a one lesson, though bitter, that I have learnt from this painful Christian Atsu death. Everyone is mentioning him and praising him for his good works. Many, including  those who have never met him before are using him on SM statuses. But while he was alive, not much celebrated him”

She would then continue by adding “To those of us in the media, we dared celebrate him while he was alive. The simple commentary that would come from some of our colleagues and social media activists will be that he has bribed us or we are doing that because we want money or favour or recognition from him”

The controversial Socialite concluded by adding “Atsu was good but u if u praised during his lively days and will be tagged a self put put. Now he is gone and everyone is praising him. How does he appreciate and even feel good about the good things he did now that he’s gone”

Aisha Modi usually makes the headlines in her own unique way and has become quite an influential figure in the entertainment industry. She recently was in the news after she revealing how much her body surgery cost “My surgery cost me between $35,000 and $37,000 from the flight, the surgery, hospice care, post-surgery medication, post-surgery massage, supplements, and other things. I’m doing everything I can to keep this body because I adore the new Ayisha Modi. I’ve been prescribed lifetime vitamins, which I take every day to maintain my body and be fit”

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