I can’t manage a woman because we’ll end up having sex – Bulldog

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Controversial Artist manager and record label owner Bulldog has disclosed he wouldn’t be able to manage a female artist because he would definitely end up having sex with her.

Bulldog whose real name is Lawrence Nana Asiamah Hanson has stated it is impossible for him to manage a female since the tendency of ending up together in bed is high thus it’s a bad idea for him to manage a female artist “I’m on record, you can google, I can’t manage a woman. It won’t work because some lickings go happen, like something to happen”

He would further assert he wouldn’t necessarily be all over the female artist but it is bound to happen at a point as far as managing a female artist is concerned “It is not like I will force myself on you oh, but time will avail itself”

Bulldog in further emphasizing on his unwillingness to manage a female artist would cite the example of Becca and her manager at the time Kiki Banson insisting he was one of the first people to break out the news of their relationship but wasn’t heeded until it finally was revealed the two indeed had been involved in a sexual relationship at the time.

According to Bulldog, it would always be difficult for a man to manage a female artist without having any sexual ties as realistically, it is bound to happen at a point thus deciding to avoid such an arrangement as he has had opportunities to work with female artists in the past

The owner of Bullhaus entertainment is one of the prominent entertainment moguls in the country who at a point managed Shatta Wale although the two would fall out but seemingly have mutual respect towards each other

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