Don’t argue with your parents about your life partner – Omotola Jalade

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Nollywood legendary actress Omotola Jalade-Ekeinda has advised the youth to always listen to their parents when going in for a life partner

According to Omotola who made the revelation in an interview with Doreen-Avio, Parents usually know things their kids don’t hence the need to listen to them when selecting someone they are ideally going to be spending the rest of their life with “Don’t argue with your parents about your life partner. There are things they see that you will not see. It doesn’t mean they are always 100% right. But trust me, 80% – 90% are right when it comes to very serious life choices like a life partner”

She also spoke on making career choices and added Parents can sometimes be biased in that regard but due to a generational difference and the change in ways of looking at it “When it comes to career, you will have to understand that parents are sometimes biased. It’s not really their fault. It is because they want the best for you and they believe some careers will make more money and time passed, it hasn’t, But times are changing”

Omotola would conclude by adding “sometimes they don’t see that because they are not in that generation. In the beginning, when it is very rocky, find a way to merge both that is your will and vision and somehow accommodate them”

Omotola Jalade-Ekeinda is one of the very few big names in Nollywood with a successful marriage as she has been married since the age of 18 in 1996 to her Pilot husband Capt. Matthew Ekeinda and the couple are blessed with four children namely Princess Ekeinda, Michael Ekeinda, Meraiah Ekeinda and Captain E

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