Ghana card to become “gateway” for accessing healthcare – Dr. Bawumia

Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia has revealed that the Ghana Card will soon become the sole card for accessing healthcare in Ghana.

The Vice President stated the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) Card would be connected to the Ghana card, and once it covers the whole population, it will be phased out and the Ghana card will be the only way to access healthcare in Ghana.

Bawumia made this disclosure during his keynote address at the NHIS Active month celebration in Tamale on December 5, 2022.

He also unveiled a new app, MY NHIS, a domestic digital platform that allows Ghanaians to register for the NHIS from anywhere in the globe without visiting an NHIS office.

The software supplements the NHIS Mobile USSD renewal platform, which may be used to register from home.

Bawumia introduced ‘My NHIS’ at UDS Tamale Dungu. Dr. Bawumia highlighted that MyNHIS is an NHIS office in one’s home or pocket.

“The new NHIS mobile app will operate on both Android and iOS smartphones and will allow NHIS members to securely pay registration and membership renewal fees from their mobile money wallets, Bank and Visa cards.

“Embedded in the MyNHIS app is a member authentication feature to enable healthcare providers to validate the membership status of members of the scheme before providing healthcare to them. This feature of the application will also help to reduce spurious claims, ranging from impersonation and claims manufacturing resulting from collusion between NHIS clients and healthcare providers. We believe that this milestone will accelerate progress towards our quest to achieve universal health coverage by 2030,” he indicated.

During his speech, Bawumia also emphasized the need for existing and future NHIS members to link their NHIS and Ghana cards.

“When all members of the Scheme are linked to their Ghana Cards, the NHIS card will be phased out and the Ghana Card will be the sole card for accessing healthcare services in the credentialled healthcare facilities.

“We are very keen on making sure we can improve access to quality healthcare delivery. Digitalization of our hospitals and medical records at the public health facilities is on course.” Bawumia said.

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