FDA orders immediate recall of all Beltocin and Vernetocin injections

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The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has issued an immediate recall for all shipments of Beltocin and Vernetocin Injections (Oxytocin 10IU/ML) imported by Hills Pharmacy and Alpha Duo Pharma Ltd, respectively.

Through their quality monitoring efforts, the Authority has identified discrepancies in laboratory analyses for both Beltocin and Vernetocin (Oxytocin) injections at 10IU/ML concentration, with several batches failing to meet the established quality standards.

In light of this, the Authority is formally requesting all healthcare facilities, medical stores, and pharmacies that have any quantities of these medical products in their inventory to promptly cease their administration and arrange for their return to the respective suppliers and importers.

Meanwhile, to enhance effective collaboration between stakeholders in the food and medical products research space, the Chief Executive of the FDA, Dr Delese A. A. Darko has called for stronger partnerships between the Authority and industry players, the Authority advised in a statement.

However, the FDA has assured it will work with importers of Beltocin and Vernetocin (Oxytocin) injections 10IU/ML to ensure a successful recall and safe disposal of all batches of the products.

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