Fameye receives Ghc25,000 compensation after purchasing fuel mixed with water

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Ghanaian singer Fameye has been compensated with an amount of GHC25,000 for damages after a fuel station filled his car with fuel mixed with water.

Fameye had, on March 15, taken to Twitter to voice his frustration after the said fuel station diluted the fuel he had purchased.

In a recent interview on TV3’s New Day, the “Praise” hitmaker revealed that he has been duly compensated.

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“I was compensated with a little money, Ghc 25,000. My car is a very expensive car, Honda pilot,” he said.

Narrating what really happened, Fameye disclosed, “So I had a show at Kumasi on the 12th of March , so on Saturday, I had wanted to go and fill my tank so that at midnight I move with my team because I drive everywhere. So I realized like five minutes after I left the filling station it started jerking, but I don’t know too much about cars so I was wondering why. So I continued driving until the car stopped at a roundabout,” he stated.

Despite the fact that his car is now functioning normally, Fameye expressed sadness about the entire incident.

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