Fameye cries out after fuel station damaged his car engine with petrol mixed with water

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News about how some fuel stations in Ghana mostly mix the various types of fuel they sell to their customers have been heard on countless occasions.

Celebrated highlife artiste Fameye has cried out after a disloyal move by a fuel station left his car damaged.

Fameye states that he recently paid GHS 700 for fuel despite the difficult economic situation, only to discover that the fuel was diluted.

He said he did not realize the situation until his Honda Pilot started malfunctioning.

The ‘Nothing I Get’ hitmaker revealed he has spent over GHS 7,000, yet his car is still not working.

“So few days ago ,I go buy fuel for one fuel station ,700 cedis, the rest is heart breaking They filled my tank with water mixed with petrol as I’m talking to you now my car Honda pilot touring 2019 model is spoilt .Spent 7k already still not working!!! What do I do?” Fameye wrote on Twitter.

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