Chinese are no fools – KKD

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Veteran Media mogul Kwasi Kyei Darwah famously known as KKD has voiced his worry over what the country would be giving up if the chinese are to forgive our debts as he insists ‘Chinese are no fools’

The Minister of Finance and his team are already in China to negotiate for they call ‘Bilateral talks’ but KKD has insisted it was just mere talk with the reality of having to give back something in return if the debt is to be erased.

In an interview, KKD asserted “China is only focused on its own development. It is developing so much, so that, no matter how sophisticated you are, you will come to them for some technology. You will come to them to produce your goods and you will come to them to borrow”

He would continue by adding “I heard that Ofori-Atta said he is going to China for bilateral talks. You are going to beg and you’re saying ‘you are going for bilateral talks”

KKD further asserted “You think the chinese are fools? They are not going to cancel our debt. They will take something for whatever they have given us. Now the question is ‘What are we giving China behind closed doors for them to forgive our debts”

Meanwhile the media mogul was recently in the news for his comments on the mental attitude by Ghanaians by saying “Some of us who joined queues to vote have weak minds, some are selfish and so they have already taken t-shirts and sardines to go and vote; they do not vote based on wisdom and truth. Aside from this, most Ghanaians do not have courage. And in a country where only a few people are wise, only few are truthful and only few are courageous, there will be no different”

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