‘Ayisha Modi is not my wife’ – Abass Sariki breaks silence

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Godfather of Shatta Wale and Real Estate Developer, Abass Sariki has responded to Ayisha Modi‘s accusations and clarified their relationship status in a fresh interview.

In the interview which was sighted on Daily View, the serial businessman expressed his frustration with the ongoing situation and firmly denied being married to Ayisha.

According to Abass Sariki, Ayisha  Modi is a friend and sister to him, and they have never been in a romantic relationship.

He further revealed that he found it disheartening that Ayisha continues to mention his name and expressed his desire for her to remove any thoughts of marriage from her mind.

“We have never been in a relationship. Ayisha is a friend and a sister. She is not my wife! This issue makes my heart ache! I can’t ever marry her and it’s time she takes it out of her mind,”  he disclosed

Addressing the possibility of Ayisha having feelings for him, Abass advised her to keep those emotions to herself and pray about it.

“Maybe she likes me, that’s why she keeps mentioning my name. If she has feelings for me, she should keep it in a bible and pray over it and even God will never permit it,” he pointed out.

Abaas also expressed his disappointment with Ayisha’s constant mention of his name, stating that it embarrasses him.

“She should stop mentioning my name anyhow. If she is depressed, I am a mental man. Tell her not to try me. I need to focus on other important things. She keeps embarrassing me. Mentioning my name anyhow,” he retorted.

Having reached his limit, Abass sternly warned Ayisha to take his words seriously or face the consequences.

“I did the first interview and said she isn’t my wife but it seems it didn’t get to her. What does she want from me? I have a family but she keeps embarrassing me. If she wants problems, then I will give it to her,” he emphasized

He stressed that he has a family to care for and does not appreciate the ongoing embarrassment caused by her actions.

“This is more than a warning. I have a big family I cater for. I don’t like this at all. Maybe she married an Abass in spirit but it’s certainly not me,” he established.

Recall that the Businessman in an earlier interview with Sammy Kay refuted rumours suggesting that he is married to Ayisha Modi.

Mr. Sariki clarified his relationship status with Ms. Modi, asserting that he has no knowledge of such an arrangement.

“My relationship with Ayisha Modi isn’t official. I am for everyone. You can use my name so long as it’s not for criminal purposes or to harm someone. If you mention my name anywhere, Abbas is just a name, but you haven’t touched Abbas. But if you try to use my name for anything negative, I won’t tolerate that,” he told Blogger Sammy Kay.

However, Ayisha Modi did not heed the initial warning and went about associating her name with Abass Sariki.

Ayisha recently made fresh allegations against Abass, including claims of infidelity. According to the controversial entrepreneur, Abass had engaged in a sexual relationship with one of her friends, leading to further complications in their relationship.

However, Abass Sariki in the latest interview refuted Ayisha’s claims and expressed his frustration with the situation.


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