Afia Schwarzenegger boldly claims responsibilty for the death of Mzbel’s Dad

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Afia Schwarzenegger and Mzbel are currently locked in a war of words with both not looking to take their foot off the gas anytime soon.

And now, Afia Schwrazenegger has made a somewhat preposterous claim by insisting she was actually responsible for the death of her nemesis’s father.

In a TikTok Live with her followers, Afia Schwarzenegger revealed “I prayed for God to kill your father I say it with a full chest. I prayed by pouring libation, you can ask from ****** Funeral Homes. I went to ****** Funeral Homes at night and poured libation that death should come for your father if it is indeed capable of claiming anyone”

Mzbel reacting to the statement made by Afia Schwarzenegger simply questioned the morality of such a person who had the strength to pray for the demise of another but couldn’t use the same strength in saving her own father and brother from the sick bed “Interestingly u have the energy to pray for my dad to die but couldn’t pray for your dad and brother to stay alive…. how evil. This same person will turn around tomorrow and start using the name of Christ to preach and some of u Christians who find her constant attacks and insults on people entertaining will hail her. What a shame!”

Afia Schwarzenegger and Mzbel have for some time now embroiled each other in a battle of words with the exact cause of the breakdown in their friendship not known as the two used to be close friends together with Nana Tornado who completes the trident. Hopefully, both settle their difference and cease fire for the sake of their fans as both shockingly have a large following

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