Medikal sympathize with Government

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AMG frontrunner and rapper, Medikal has waded into the public debate of the President’s and his government’s competence and he had something very interesting to say.

Medikal during an interview with media personality, Abeiku Santana had this to say; “I am equally faced with the hardship in this country but I feel like, I am not sure the president is happy with how things are going. I feel he can do better but maybe he’s trying his best to solve the crisis but things are not that easy on his side. I feel like the president is indeed not happy about how things are going. It is not the case that I am also not feeling the heat or witnessing what Ghanaians are going through, I see that but I don’t think the president is wicked or evil at heart to watch his people suffer,”

He later added “I won’t condemn him because he is somebody’s father and I won’t go condemning him and asking why he’s not doing this or that. For all you know, he is really trying his best…they will tell you that it is an economic crisis. That is beyond you and me, we can’t do anything about it”

Medikal has been busy promoting his latest single ‘Ronaldo’ which fuses his style of humour with relatable rhymes. He has been consistent in the industry ever since he came through as a protégé under Criss Waddle but will immediately capture the attention and ears of Ghanaians with a style that was and still is unique.


What do you make of Medikal’s assertion of us sharing in the burden rather than condemning something we have little or no control over at all, let us know in the comment box and this has been your errand boy with words as feet!

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