Slay Queens Association comes out with statement

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Following the brouhaha that came with Deborah’s lawsuit against her ‘Sugar Daddy’, a group which identifies itself as The Slay Queens Association of Ghana (SLAG) has come out with a public statement to criticize and disassociate itself from the actions of Deborah Selorm Adablah

Here’s what the statement reads; “It has come to the notice of The Slay Queens Association of Ghana (SLAG), the unfortunate incident of a court writ served to one CFO in a popular bank in Ghana. SLAG wishes to disassociate ourselves from the lady who proceeded to serve the writ and also wish to state that, we are still open to serve our dear men all the pleasurable ways we know how. We beg all the men who are with us not to leave any of our members. Our profit and benefits solely depends on your pockets and leaving us means suicide. We beg paa”

The statement would later state “This girl is just an evil lady who wants to collapse an entire industry of slay queening but lalai. We won’t let her. With that said, please call all your side chicks for a free weekend getaway this Friday to Sunday. We are at your beg and call”

The public statement from the Slay Queens Association of Ghana  end with “Oya Chop Kiss, We love you”

Deborah Seyram Adablah has shaken up the country after news of a lawsuit she filed against her ‘Sugar Daddy’ who also is also a Chief Financial Officer of First Atlantic Bank on the basis of his inability to provide for everything he said he would prior to the beginning of their relationship.


Let us know what you make of the public statement from the Slay Queen Association of Ghana, this has been your errand boy with words as feet!




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