‘Young men are competing with old men to please their girlfriends’ – Berla Mundi

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Media personality Berla Mundi has  come to the defense of  young men over the rising trend of older men popularly  known as sugar daddies competing with them for their girlfriends.

Sharing her sentiments on TV3’s New Day Show recently, Berla argued that the practice was not only unfair but also placed an unreasonable burden on young men trying to establish meaningful relationships with their partners since they cannot afford the expensive gifts and financial support these sugar daddies offer the young ladies.

Berla further noted that the allure of expensive gifts from the  sugar daddies, sways off the attention of ladies from their boyfriends, undermining the foundation of relationships which is expected to be built on shared values and mutual growth.

In her words: “There is a burden on young men. As a young man, you are competing with a 60-year-old man who probably can afford all the things a girl your age would like. Meanwhile, you are hoping that you and that girl can build a life together. Unfortunately, the girl is also aiming higher and expecting an iPhone 15 when you don’t even have iPhone 12 yourself.”

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