‘You Re-ignited Hope’ Kate Henshaw eulogizes Peter Obi

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Veteran Nollywood actress, Kate Henshaw has eulogized Peter Obi, the Labour party presidential candidate for re-igniting Hope, Integrity, honesty and so many more.

In an Instagram post via her page, Kate Henshaw revealed how she has been a long-time admirer of Peter Obi and would also go ahead to reaffirm her support for him in the Nigeria Presidential elections with voting still going underway

Here’s what Kate Henshaw wrote on her Instagram with a picture of the Labour Party presidential hopeful

“I don’t stan rubbish… I observed you over the years and anytime I saw you at the airport travelling, you always walked simply with your briefcase in your hand.. I sensed and could see humility in you. I have seen and observed you at different other places, no airs.

She would continue by adding “I had a sense of the kind of man you were, but when I heard you speak, I was convinced and did not hesitate to publicly show my support for you. You re-ignited HOPE, INTEGRITY, HONESTY of spirit and purpose. I am happy to be alive in such a time as this.

Kate Henshaw would then conclude by adding “Let it be known that POWER belongs to the PEOPLE. I am proud of you @peterobigregory Thank you for throwing your hat in the ring”

The veteran Nollywood actress has been one of the driving forces behind the success of the Nigerian Nollywood industry in a career that dates back more than a decade with several recognitions and accolades to her name. She has somewhat taken her foot off the gas but still makes random appearances every once in a while as she now runs her own business and maintains a healthy relationship with P-square who have also been advocates for Peter Obi

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