‘You look like a flower pot’ – Xandy Kamel cries out over Charlie Dior’s comment

Ghanaian actress Xandy Kamel has reacted to the comments from fashion critic Charlie Dior on his “Fashion Review” show.

In the late hours of yesterday, a video from Charlie Dior’s Fashion show program went viral on social media where he was dragging Xandy Kamel over her outfit.

Charlie Dior featured Xandy Kamel for the first time on his show but for the wrong reason. Describing her outfit and giving his opinion, Charlie Dior disclosed that in the quest to look good, Xandy Kamel ended up wearing an outfit with mismatched colors.

Charlie Dior also likened Xandy Kamel to that of a ‘flower pot’ due to the wild colors in her outfit.

Reacting to this, Xandy took to her Instagram page to say that she used to admire Charlie Dior from afar but suddenly woke up to his body-shaming video.

“Keep pushing me into depression one day the anger of GOD WILL COME UPON YOU ALL 🙏”,  the latter part of Xandy’s post read.

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