Wizkid and I are planning a tour – Davido

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Davido has in a new interview confirmed he is planning a world tour with Wizkid alongside revealing talks of a joint project between the two

According to Davido, the fellow Afrobeats heavyweight is regular with his check ups on him via phone call “Shout out to my brother Wizkid. He literally calls me every week and checks on me”

Davido would continue by revealing both camps are discussing a world tour as far working on a song together “I’d be lying to you if I tell you that the tour is not in the talks. It’s looking like next year. I think me and Wiz are probably going to drop a record”

Fans have since been reacting to his comments and below are a few of such reactions ;

‘He literally calls every week to check on him, I just love wiz always on low no matter wat fans will say he’ll never tell u wat he did or does’ – @Gentle David

‘You can’t just hate on OBO believe me dude gat real love and respect he ain’t faking it’ – @Ah Be plux

‘This life no balance, fans deh fight for social medial why deh people deh are fighting for are in good terms enjoying them selfs’ – @Cent Emmylyn

‘This guy’s weren’t having any beefs, Na we just carry there matter for head. Na we still Dy buy Panadol for headache’ @ Immanuel

‘I saw a certain fanbase who were ready to drop a deadly Missiles but after reading this Short story the Missiles immediately sunk dip in their anus’ – @Best Brain

‘And some poor brats will be cursing themselves and their generations because of this guys .. not knowing they are friends in real life.Those who are struggling to afford 3 square meals, dying on rich men matter’ – @Akan S Joseph

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