Wikipedia to upload content in local languages

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Wikimedians of the Twi Language has begun its campaign on increasing the content of the Ghanaian culture in Twi on the online encyclopedia, Wikipedia.

Many languages are provided with international support at various levels across Wikimedia projects.

The tools created and maintained by the Language team are continually updated to increase the number of languages these tools cover.

The goal is to provide the same level of support for all languages with translation tools.

According to Project lead, Jemima Antwi, “The aim is to bring underrepresented languages together to write content about Africans on the internet and to inspire young Africans to write content in their local language to preserve the language and promote their culture”.

The 2023 AfroCuration experience saw participants, specifically young Ghanaians, being inspired and empowered to create knowledge about their culture and identity.

It also aims at inspiring the Ghanaian youth to take ownership of their digital narrative in order to help provide standard-based internationalization and localization tools support for Wikimedia sites on the Web.

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