We will seize any vegetable oil that is being sold illegally – TCDA

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A campaign to raise awareness about the trade of illicit cooking oil from Togo has been launched by the Tree Crop Development Authority (TCDA).

A task force visited different stores during the exercise, which started on Friday, December 8, 2023, at the CMB market in Accra, to find illegal cooking oil, like as Aicha oil, that is being sold throughout the nation at lower costs, hurting domestic producers.

A few of the smuggled oils were discovered in several stores; the proprietors said they had no idea the oils were being smuggled into the nation and that they had purchased them from the Tema free zone area.

The task force coordinator, Paul Amaning, states that the primary goal of TCDA as the holiday season draws near is to guarantee that cooking oils produced locally are offered for sale in order to stimulate the local economy and generate employment opportunities along the value chain.

He added that the TCDA is not opposed to imports, even though its duties include safeguarding local manufacturers and making sure that no illegal vegetable cooking oil is sold.

“Once you import your cooking oil through the right channel that is the port and pay the necessary duties, we are okay with it”, he emphasized.

He also issued a warning to the populace, in particular to market women, to stop smuggling vegetable oil into the nation through the borders.

“We will not hesitate to seize any smuggled oil we see on the market”, he stressed.

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