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Usain Bolt scammed as $12 million gets lost from his account

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Legendary sprinter Usain Bolt has lost more than $12 million after saving his money with an investment firm in Jamaica.

Lawyers for the eight-time Olympic gold medalist said his account had $12.8 million but now reflects a balance of just $12,000.

They are, therefore, demanding that Stocks & Securities Limited return the money to Bolt’s account or face legal action.

“If this is correct, and we are hoping it is not, then a serious act of fraud larceny or a combination of both have been committed against our client,” his lawyers said.

Meanwhile, Stocks & Securities Limited are currently being investigated by Jamaica’s Financial Services Commission.

The investment company is yet to respond to the shocking news of Bolt’s missing money, but said they were taking steps to rectify the situation.

“We understand that clients are anxious to receive more information and assure you that we are closely monitoring the matter throughout all the required steps and will alert our clients of the resolution as soon as that information is available,” said the company.

The Finance Minister of Jamaica, Nigel Clarke, also lamented the situation, saying it was unusual in the country’s financial sector.

“It is tempting to doubt our financial institutions, but I would ask that we don’t paint an entire hard-working industry with the brush of a few very dishonest individuals,” he added.

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