TikTok fame is my biggest breakthrough – Felicia Osei

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TikTok star Felicia Osei described how being an influencer on social media has changed her life on the YoungandThriving show. She narrated how her life has changed for the better and all the opportunities coming her way because of her popularity on the app.

Felicia Osei is pursuing her radio presenting career with Onua FM in Accra.

Formerly based in Kumasi as a part-time standup comedian and TikToker, Felicia has only good things to say about her experience as one of Ghana’s top influencers on the app.

“Looking at me, TikTok has really done a lot for me. It has really played a major role in my life because TikTok brought me from Kumasi to Accra. It wasn’t even in my dream to come to Accra but look at me, I’m chilling and flexing in Accra.”

Additionally, Felicia Osei spoke about settling into her new role as a radio show host on one of Ghana’s premier radio stations. She disclosed that the best part about her job was having easy access to celebrities.

“I get to meet celebrities. About two or three years ago, I would actually go and queue to meet celebrities… But now i can call them for photo ops. So you know, these are some of the fun parts of my job as a radio personality,” Felicia told YoungandThriving.

Felicia Osei also mentioned how grateful she is for her life and her biggest achievement, which is being able to attain contentment. The young radio host said that she did not own a house or a car yet, but she has peace of mind, the best thing at this point in her life.

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