“They steal from me”- Reggie Rockstone reveals why he changes workers like his boxers

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Hiplife grandpapa, Reggie Rockstone has revealed that he regularly changes workers like his boxer shorts because many of them lack work ethics and steal from the company.

In recent interview with Property FM’s Amansan Krakye, the revered rapper said he doesn’t hesitate to fire any staff who falls culprits since the youth of today are lazy but always want to find a fast way to success.

“It’s not been easy since I started operating my own company and the workers are very lazy whilst some are also thieves. As for stealing it’s so enormous that’s why we regularly change the workers quite often like my boxers and you have to always keep an eye on them.

“They are so corrupt in all their endeavours and these are the same people who will grow and end up as a politician in future,” he told the host Amansan Krakye.

Also, in a bid to redirect the culinary discourse and celebrate Ghanaian heritage, Reggie Rockstone in a recent interview also urged Ghanaians to shift their focus from the Jollof rice debate with Nigeria and instead, direct efforts towards making Waakye gain global recognition just as Senegalese have done to earn the rights.

The musician called on Ghanaians to unite in championing Waakye and showcasing it as a symbol of Ghana’s culinary excellence.

“Instead of arguing with Nigeria over Jollof, let’s prioritise Waakye, which comes from Ghana in high esteem,” he stated.

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