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Suspects in police custody re-arrested after failed escape plan

Five individuals made up of three Nigerians and two Ghanaians, who attempted to escape from police custody at the Awutu Bereku District Police Command have been re-arrested.

The five suspects who had been behind bars for various offences ranging from stealing mobile phones, and air-conditioners among others attempted to break the cell where they were being kept around 1 am on Monday morning with a chisel and a hammer but the intervention of officers on duty prevented them from escaping.

A source said the suspects were due for court this week, but attempted to escape to avoid a jail term.

The individuals according to sources were almost through with their escape plan as they had already broken the metal bars of the cell but were re-arrested by the officers on duty who heard a loud noise from the cells and decided to check only to find out that the suspects were almost done with their escape plan.

They were subsequently re-arrested and taken to a different cell. Officers on duty have, however, refused to comment on the issue.

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