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Stop airing money rituals, fake lotteries, p0rn – NMC warns 15 TV stations

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The National Media Commission (NMC) has cautioned 15 television stations against airing content on rituals, fake lottery, p0rn0graphy among others.

The National Media Commission has said it has received reports from the public about what these 15 TV stations have been showing and that those contents are considered unacceptable by the standards of media ethics, Ghanaian culture, traditions, and norms.

The television stations include Asomafo TV, Adwenpa TV, Eagle TV, Best TV, Energy TV, Diamond TV, X TV, Asomdwie TV, Funny TV, Advice TV, Big TV, Passion TV, Nkabom TV, Seekers TV, and Elephant TV.

The Commission in a statement dated November 16, 2023, signed by the Executive Secretary, George Sarpong said “For the stations listed above, we hereby serve them notice to cease and desist from those activities otherwise there will be severe consequences.”

Attached below is a copy of the NMC’s statement:


As part of our collaboration to improve the quality of broadcasting in Ghana, the National Media Commission and the National Communications Authority launched a joint project on October 31, 2023, to identify and address deficits in broadcast content.

Using a community standards approach, the project democratizes the involvement of citizens by highlighting their voice in regulatory interventions.

Through the toll-free number 0800-419-666, citizens are empowered to call into a monitoring Centre to make their voices heard on the performance of broadcasting stations especially in relation to content they consider unacceptable by the standards of media ethics, Ghanaian culture, traditions and norms.

Our half-month report shows the public had concerns about 318 incidents on television made up 224 money doubling incidents; 83 money rituals; 24 fake lotteries; 18 occultic practices 13 incidents of pornography. The rest of the complaints related to fake loan schemes and people seeking to use fraudulent means to extract money from others.

Many of the complaints were against the following stations:

  • Asomafo TV (19)
  • Adwenpa TV (19)
  • Eagle TV (18)
  • Best TV (16)
  • Energy TV (16)
  • Diamond TV (15)
  • X TV (15)
  • Asomdwie TV (14)
  • Funny TV (14)
  • Advice TV (14)
  • Big TV (11)
  • Passion TV (11)
  • Nkabom TV (11)
  • Seekers TV (10)
  • Elephant TV (10)

In addition to the above complaints from citizens, the Commission’s own professional assessment revealed two dangerous broadcasts with implications for national cohesion that demanded immediate regulatory intervention. While one of them involving Power Fm has been resolved, the other, involving Onua TV/Radio remains outstanding. The Commission will announce it’s decision on that matter soon. We shall also brief the public on our decision on the TV stations listed above.

We commend the leadership and staff of the National Communications Authority for their unwavering cooperation in this project. It is their productive investment that has made this possible. We also commend the Ghana Journalists’ Association; the Ghana Independent Broadcasters’ Association and civil society especially the Media Foundation for West Africa for their support. Finally, we commend the active citizens who demonstrated their commitment to quality broadcasting by taking time to make the recorded complaints. We encourage all citizens to join hands in uplifting the quality of broadcasting in Ghana. For the stations listed above, we hereby serve them notice to cease and desist from those activities otherwise there will be severe consequences.

George Sarpong
Executive Secretary

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