Shugatiti reveals why her restaurant stopped using p3n!s shaped pots

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Popular model, Shugatiti recently ventured into food business by setting-up a restaurant, Pot of Shuga.

The restaurant which is located in Osu set social media ablaze with reactions after the videos from the opening surfaced online.

For the many who were talking about the restaurant, the concerns they raised were about the designs Shugatiti used for the various pots, bowls and glasses that food is served in at her restaurant which makes the place one that is reserved for people who are 18+.

Amid the reactions, Shugatiti has come out to explain the motive behind her decision to use such bowls and drinking glasses.

According to Shugatiti,she wanted to do something different from what is known everywhere.

However, Shugatiti has described the difficulties she has had dealing with government organizations ever since she started her restaurant business.

The owner of the restaurant known for serving meals in clay pots molded after male genitalia has claimed that the Ghana Tourism Authority has sent her a letter requesting that she stop using the pots.

The authorities claim that her space is not suitable for kids.

“I received a letter from the Ghana Tourism Authority telling me not to use my penis-shaped pot. They stated that kids shouldn’t use it. As a result, we no longer serve in such pots. I’ve been bothered by government authorities ever since I began my store. If you’re weak, you can’t run a business in Ghana.

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