Sex for roles is everywhere – Omotola Jalade

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Nollywood multiple award-winning actress and legend Omotola Jalade believes sex for roles is something that abounds in most industries although she had never experienced a thing like that

Speaking at The Women Of Valor where she was a keynote speaker, Omotola Jalade asserted “I have never experienced anything like that before, but I don’t want to minimize the experience of those who have experienced that before and I can’t even blame.. When I was younger, I used to think there was something they did because I didn’t understand that but now that I am older, I have now realized that people will solicit sex from you even when you are nun”

She would continue by adding “Predators are predators, it doesn’t matter whether you are people or not. I have seen them even do it to Babies.. they abound everywhere! So sex for roles is everywhere whether in the movie industry or any other place”

Meanwhile Omotola Jalade also advised young people to listen to their parents when it comes to choosing life partners “Don’t argue with your parents about your life partner. There are things they see that you will not see. It doesn’t mean they are always 100% right. But trust me, 80% – 90% are right when it comes to very serious life choices like a life partner” although she admitted they aren’t always right with career choices because of the difference in generation and way of doing things “When it comes to career, you will have to understand that parents are sometimes biased. It’s not really their fault. It is because they want the best for you and they believe some careers will make more money and time passed, it hasn’t, But times are changing”

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