Sarkodie vs Samini: D-Black, Wendy Shay, Others throw support.

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Sarkodie earlier this week was accused by Samini of not paying the utmost respect to the professional relationship and although Sarkodie came out to apologize, that has not stopped the online community from having the back and forth.

Sarkodie would somehow now be relieved as some artists have jumped to his defence by revealing features he did for them within the shortest time he was reached. Artists including D-Black, Pope Skinny and Wendy shay and here’s what each tweeted; “I released my first ever song on 1st June 2018… just 3 months in the industry I sent psalm 35 to @sarkodie 2 hours later he sent his verse, I still have 2 songs with a top GH Artist since 2020 and the person never do am. I wanna say thank you @sarkodie you are too kind” – Wendy Shey

Whilst D-Black also tweeted “It jus hit me that @sarkodie pulled up to my crib one time and did 2 verses for me, OMEGA and Give it To Me ft. YCee & himself on my album and guess what.. I wasn’t even home. I was in Kumasi performing at an event. Came back next day & records were there done ! Bless u g”

There was also Pop Skinny who also came to the defence of Sarkodie with his tweet “So when @DBLACKGH said this about @sarkodie I realized I also sent a song to Sarkodie and when just I was About to call him and say Yo bro, when you go do my song @angeltownbaby told me that he did the verse for me the day i sent him the song ‘COME PARTY WITH US’ is the title”

Maybe Sarkodie is not the person Samini thinks of him as shown by the tweets, let us know your thoughts and opinion via our comment box.


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