SAD! Mother of Kaywa dies on his birthday

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Award-winning sound engineer and producer Kaywa, has been hit by some devastating news.

Despite the fact that Kaywa’s birthday is today, March 31, 2023, he sadly lost his mother on this same day.

While it is common for people to post photos of themselves on their birthday and express gratitude to God for giving them life, Kaywa sadly took to social media to announce the death of his mother instead.

Even though he disclosed that he was heartbroken about the death of his mother, Kaywa revealed that he was going to celebrate her at church tonight.

“Rest in perfect peace mum ❤️you chose the day you gave birth to me to go

i wish my loved ones will post you instead of me,because your the reason for my existence
it is truly you’re day

tonight at church,we will celebrate you

i’m truly grateful …Love you dearly”, Kaywa wrote.

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