Rudeboy of P-Square moves on

Ivy Catches Rudeboy's eyes

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Rudeboy, following his divorce filed by ex-wife and mother of three kids,Anita Okoye, seems to have swiftly moved on with his 23 years old girlfriend, Ivy Ifeoma as the two were spotted having a good time together in Dakar, Senegal.

Fans of P-Square were left in awe when news of Rudeboy’s divorce with the mother of his three kids, Anita Okoye hit the internet with many wondering what went wrong as the pair always seemed a happy couple with some even going further to claim Peter Okoye’s wife was the reason for the split between the two brothers at a point. Several reasons were speculated for the divorce between Paul Okoye and Anita but well, the two have moved on with the latter focusing on her career in Atlanta where she lives with their three children including twins Nathan and Nadia whilst Paul Okoye who is musically known as Rudeboy continues to tour the globe with Peter Okoye (Mr P) his twin brother

The group over the weekend during their #Psquare100citiesworldtour got their body busy in Dakar, capital of Senegal where they sold out what was a hugely successful concert. The group excited fans with back-to-back classics and left a general Oliver-Twist feeling as it was obvious the crowd wanted more and more. The group after performing decided to cool-off the weekend in Senegal where Rudeboy and his girlfriend were spotted catching a romantic cruise.

Rudeboy and his Girlfriend

The court of public opinion would as usual have a diverse in opinion. Some have expressed dissapointments with Rudeboy for going in for a girl almost half his age whilst others believe his happiness is supreme and if he finds that in someone as young as Ivy, it should be of little business to anyone.

We wish Rudeboy and his girlfriend all the best in their relationship.

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