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Rudeboy, one half of the legendary P-square group made of Peter Okoye and Paul Okoye has revealed what matters to men most in relationships ‘Respect’

In an Instagram story of his, Rudeboy whose real name is Paul Okoye was of the assertion Men cherish Respect and that relationship is not all about Love. He would write “For Men, sometimes it’s not all about Love, RESPECT is all that matters”

Rudeboy recently showed his new lover whom we know as Ivy Ifeoma after divorcing his wife Anita Okoye with whom he shares three kids including twins, Nathan and Nadia Okoye. Many have asserted the message was a direct shot at his ex-wife who now lives in the United States with the former couple’s three children including Andre Okoye who is a senior brother to the twins Nathan and Nadia Okoye.

Rudeboy recently celebrated one-year anniversary with his girlfriend Ivy to which most were surprised as far as hiding it from the public view is concerned considering what a big star power he holds alongside his twin brother Peter Okoye (Mr. P) and their elder brother Jude Okoye is concerned. We can confidently from our research say his new lover is a TikTok content creator and a student in one of the universities in Nigeria.

Rudeboy and his brother have been busy in the studio working on an album as well as touring Europe since the re-union of the group as they will be performing in Munich (Germany) come march whilst Anita on her side has been living what is seemingly her best life with the two accepting to be friends for the sake of their children and seem to have a healthy relationship with the kids

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