REACTIONS: Black Sherif pays tribute to Christian Atsu

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Black Sherif has paid a glowing tribute to fallen football star Christian Atsu during his performance in Abu Dhabi and fans are loving it

Black Sherif over the weekend was performing at the 2023 Wireless Festival in Dubai and Blacko used the moment to pay tribute the Ghanaian footballer who lost his life to a devastating earthquake to hit Turkey where he was based with his Football Club and fans have since been reacting to the gesture by Blacko and below are some comments the video has since attracted

‘The first musician to take Grammy Award to Ghana – @pab_242

‘God bless Blacko for his gesture of paying respect to another fallen hero, it is this little details that sometimes make the big difference in bringing home the big trophies, Black Sherif is a boy destined for even greater things than we are already seeing and I wouldn’t be surprised if this boy wins a grammy in less than half a decade’ – @Sianho_

‘Blacko paying that respect to Christian Atsu is everything the even bigger names in the industry are failing to do, hopefully they could learn from this boy and o same! there’s no shame in the elderly learning from the young – @bibamind

‘God bless Black Sherif for showing that love and my prayers and thoughts are still with the family of Christian Atsu, no amount of words would do justice in describing my personal state of shock and disbelief especially as I personally met him on the streets of Newcastle some weeks prior his death, Rest in Peace Senior and God bless you Blacko – @swaggrep

‘Keep on doing you Blacko, you’ve set yourself apart from the lot and it is this things that will propel you to even greater heights -@hafdo

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