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Ras Mubarak breaks silence on sacking incident on Captain Smart’s show

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The former Member of Parliament for Kumbungu has urged Media General to penalize the host of Onua TV/Radio morning show, Captain Smart.

Ras Mubarak has described the actions of Captain Smart as unethical, adding that his unprofessionalism is a dent in the image of the brand.

This comment from Mr. Mubarak comes after the clash with the television host on his morning show a few days. Captain Smart asked Ras Mubarak to leave the studio after he complained about the interruption from a “makeup artist” in the studio.

In a Facebook live, Ras Mubarak said;

“About 20 minutes into the program on Friday, the presenter then tells me I should excuse myself so he can interview another candidate who was also standing for chairman. I protested that it was not right. You can’t tell me to come for an interview and the mid-stream you tell me to go off for another person to come. I obliged them and allowed the interview to happen.

“ I tried pointing out to the presenter that what he did was wrong. I’ve done this for 12 years and I had seen no such thing. In the studio, while I was putting out candidate Asiedu Nketia’s message, the lady was heckling me. It went on for about 20 minutes.

“I’m the guest in the studio and you have somebody who is not the presenter passing snide remarks for 20 minutes. I thought at some point this character would be smart enough to whisper to the lady that what she was doing was not right but from everything that has happened, clearly he himself was lost in the wilderness.

“He has a microphone in front of him so he feels he can misbehave and abuse the platform he has. I feel sad for Media General that they will allow their platform to be abused by a character like that who does not know the difference between what is right and wrong. This character instead of pointing out to the lady, rather was the one who flared up. He was so unprofessional.

“The Managing Director of Media General has apologized to me but let me advise that characters like that don’t add to your number. If you think noise and foolishness are what will make people view, they are rather putting off discerning listeners and advertisers,” he said via Facebook live.

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