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Properties destroyed over violent chieftaincy dispute in Jamestown

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A fierce clash between two rival factions in a protracted chieftaincy dispute in Ngleshie Alata James Town on Sunday morning led to the destruction of several property with many people sustaining various degrees of injury.

A 2018 Toyota Corolla and two motorbikes were burnt in the process, but the police intervened to restore calm, and some people were arrested to assist in investigations.

The Ngleshie Alata James Town stool has been in dispute since the demise of the late Paramount Chief, Nii Kojo Ababio, as two factions, Oblempong Wetse Kojo II and Nii Ahoma Kojo, have both claimed ownership of the stool.

A Spokesperson for Oblempong Wetse Kojo II, who spoke on condition of anonymity, disclosed that a surprise attack was launched on them by some weapon yielding group when they visited the palace to perform some purification.

“We went to the palace this morning without any cutlass, stone, sticks, or whatever. We were there performing some rituals when we saw some thugs coming with machetes, bottles, and stones to attack us. We did not attack anybody in the palace. Let’s ask the one claiming to be Nii Ahoma Kojo III what document is making him a chief?” he narrated in an interview on Metro TV.

According to another report by an eyewitness, the Nii Ahoma Kojo III camp was not involved in the clash.

“We were sitting down when some guys came to the palace area. They were in one of the chief’s attire, Prince Bruce Kwei but they have written under the attire Wietse Kojo. They went into the palace, broke some doors, and entered. All of a sudden, some people who were always in the company of Wietse Kojo showed up and one person said ” blood must spill here today” and another person asked for all doors to be locked and nobody should be allowed to go out. We got scared and started running for our lives,” she stated.

The Spokesperson for Oblempong  Wetse Kojo II, however, revealed that they are the rightful claimants to the stool.

“We have a judgment from the Greater Accra Regional House of Chiefs, that is the kingmaker who only does the selection, election, nomination, election, and enstoolment of the chief of James Town. 15th June 2021, the judgment is there. Apart from that, there is a High Court mandamus that the chief should be gazetted within 14 days, that’s Oblempong Wetse Kojo II. Let’s ask the other claimant that what does he have before claiming the title as paramount chief?” he questioned.

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