Please come and take your son from Ghana – Shatta Wale tells H.E Tinubu

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Controversial Dancehall Artist Shatta Wale has in a new tweet made an appeal to the newly President-elect of Nigeria H.E Tinubu with the musician revealing most people see a resemblance between himself and the latter thus he should ‘come for him’

Shatta Wale in a tweet wrote “Your excellency everyone says I look like you ,so please come and take your son from Ghana ok lol … They always say my father won’t come for me ,so please come for me so perform for u one of my songs Thank you My president ,May you live long  Dad”

The tweet by the ‘JJC’ has since shaken some tables on the bird platform are below are few of such tweets

‘Shatta be too much marketing genius, for all we know, there’s already an agreement to that effect and what he’s just doing is stirring the waters’ – @sianho1

‘As your mates been drop album and focusing on International market, this mumu dey here so still doing Baali or Maali, idk seff’ – @erixsaid

‘This guy already cash-out else he no go dey yarn this robish so’- @crazetown21

‘Shatta Wale is never tired with this age-old trick of promoting his album, he wants to penetrate the Nigeria market hence this tweet’ -@whatdoIknow

‘If you wan trend for the Nigerian musical space, feature somebody wey you know say go give you shine, comot body from politicians gee.. if tinubu invite you for a show in Nigeria that be the end of your career. You go trend quite sure but not for a good reason’ – @sirgitdufut

‘Just level up bro you day back see some yawa you do for the both album maali and GOG all yawa miss management bro you day back bro just level up bro’ – @Joojo0151

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